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If The Internet Was Dead Forever... What Is Plan B For You?

Whew! My whole network w/ all 3 computers just went out.

I tested w/ iPad on 3G to see if it was only the home network. It was.

That was puzzling till I unplugged everything from the wall and rebooted. Everything worked again. I spent at least 30 minutes wondering what to test.

What would we do if suddenly we couldn't connect to the Internet...ever? What is plan B for you?


One friend on facebook wrote:

"I think life would be a whole lot simpler. Things would take time to do once again and we wouldn't be so rushed. We're spoiled with so much communication and information available to us these days.

Kids wouldn't be as obese because instead of sitting in front of a computer maybe they'd go out and play.

We'd find other things to do to occupy our time, like read books, walk our dogs or take up a new hobby.

Or maybe, just sit on the porch and watch it rain and actually talk to our friends instead of texting them. :)"

Comment balloon 23 commentsLizette Fitzpatrick • June 27 2011 10:39AM


I think I could leave it all behind

I feel bad for my kids

maybe they'll be a techno revolution some day

Posted by Dave Wierzbicki, RE/Act Real Estate Coaching System (RE/Act Real Estate Coaching System) about 8 years ago

Lizette, what I think is funny is, I actually remember those pre-internet days, life was different. Best. 

Posted by Adrian Willanger, Profit from my two decades of experience (206 909-7536 about 8 years ago

Dave - I think I could leave it too if everyone had to do the same.

Adrian - Seriously, it WAS a nice way to live. 

Posted by Lizette Fitzpatrick, Lizette Realty, Lexington KY MLS - Kentucky Homes (Lizette Realty - Richmond KY) about 8 years ago

Lizette, I am going to blog about this today, and here you have. Like most of us I am tied to the tenhnical side of the business and therefore to the tools. Tools should help us get to the prize, not become the prize. Sometimes the times make me crazy.

Posted by Sheila Anderson, The Real Estate Whisperer Who Listens 732-715-1133 (Referral Group Incorporated) about 8 years ago

Sheila - It makes me crazy to when I think how connected I have to be. Yesterday, I accidentally left my cell at home when I went to breakfast with a friend. We went shopping after and it really felt great that I was somehow "free" from everything. strange I know! LOL

Posted by Lizette Fitzpatrick, Lizette Realty, Lexington KY MLS - Kentucky Homes (Lizette Realty - Richmond KY) about 8 years ago

Lizette I think about this as well.  It takes up so much of our time these days. I on purpose did not login yesterday as I just needed a break.  Instead we took a house bound friend to a movie and spent time with her. Balance - that must be the key.

Posted by Anna Banana Kruchten CRB, CRS 602-380-4886, Arizona's Top Banana! (Phoenix Property Shoppe) about 8 years ago

Anna - I agree with you. there is so much I am missing when I spend so much time pondering all there is to do on the Internet. We are missing the real human connection.

Posted by Lizette Fitzpatrick, Lizette Realty, Lexington KY MLS - Kentucky Homes (Lizette Realty - Richmond KY) about 8 years ago

Lizette  Gee, it would be like the good old days when Arthur and I started in real estate in 1976  so I'm already trained  :)

Posted by Karen Kruschka, - "My Experience Isn't Expensive - It's PRICELESS" (RE/MAX Executives) about 8 years ago

Lizette - That's a really interesting question, because it is likely that right now, there's some bunch of lunatics out there trying to figure out how to make that happen. It's amazing how dependent everything has become on interconnectedness and how much that we take for granted would fall apart if that ever happened.

Posted by Dick Greenberg, Northern Colorado Residential Real Estate (New Paradigm Partners LLC) about 8 years ago

Karen - that's a good point! You are a step ahead of it.

Dick - That's a scary thought. Why do people sit around and dream up things to hurt others?


Posted by Lizette Fitzpatrick, Lizette Realty, Lexington KY MLS - Kentucky Homes (Lizette Realty - Richmond KY) about 8 years ago

Too late for Plan B. We are sucked into technology too deep.

Posted by Connie King about 8 years ago

GOOD MORNING LIZETTE! Well, I do all the things your friend would do - so having no internet would just make it easier to do more of it!

Posted by Gabrielle Kamahele Rhind, Broker/Owner (KGC Properties LLC, Tucson Property Management & Real Estate) about 8 years ago

It’s only going to get worse. Imagine if Congressman Weiner had actually gone over to his mistress’s house instead of liking, tweeting, sexting.... He might still be a Congressman!

Posted by EC, JF, Double R and Zoey the Cool Cat (Russel Ray Photos) about 8 years ago

If the internet was dead I don't know what I'd do. My plan B would be, to get it back going again.

Posted by Jody Moore (Blue Shirt Photography | SendOutCards) about 8 years ago

Eric - That's really funny...but so true!

Posted by Lizette Fitzpatrick, Lizette Realty, Lexington KY MLS - Kentucky Homes (Lizette Realty - Richmond KY) about 8 years ago

Lizette - I would like to think I could do without the internet, but I'm honestly not sure.  Although I can say when hurricanes come through here and nobody has electric it's a nice break.

Posted by Michelle Gibson, REALTOR (Hansen Real Estate Group Inc. ) about 8 years ago

I would be just fine without it. In fact I was having this conversation with my husband last night as he couldn't go longer than 5 minutes without looking at his Blackberry for a new email. I am not that bad and never will be.

Posted by Shar Sitter, Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis/ St. Paul, M (Rooms With Style) about 8 years ago

It would take a little getting used to, but we'd end up spending more time with out kids, teaching them how to do a lot of the things we did as kids, but because there's all the noise going on, they're missing out on it.

Posted by Eric Michael, Metro Detroit Real Estate Professional 734.564.1519 (Remerica Integrity, Realtors®, Northville, MI) about 8 years ago

Lizette...the pre-Internet days were not so bad at all. Should this happen I would miss these types of sites; doing research; working on our web site; but you know, I don't think that it would kill me at all.  I still like to write letters; make phone calls; and get outside to work. before my one knee went 'nuts' i loved to walk--long and quick walking was best of all.  Your friend has it right, we did not have a computer until our son was almost 10--we actually went to the library and I bet he is one of the last to actually know about & use the 'Dewy Decimal System' now libraries have everything on computers LOL
Thought provoking--and the Lord knows we all need to be thought provoked every now & then.  Have a great weekend.

Posted by Barb & Sal Dragotta, Macomb County Michigan about 8 years ago


It would certainly be less complicated, except I would not be able to make any money.

Posted by Steven L. Smith, Bellingham WA Home Inspector (King of the House Home Inspection, Inc.) about 8 years ago

Yup things have sure changed and I totally remember life before computers and the internet.  I used to have hobbies!  haha.  We have really come to count on the internet in this business and I would be lost without it now.

Posted by Georgie Hunter R(S) 58089, Maui Real Estate sales and lifestyle info (Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers) about 8 years ago

Couldn't imagine filling out forms by hand again, UGH!

Posted by Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer (Savvy Home Pix) about 8 years ago

Lizette - LOL at Renee; that was the first thing I thought of before even reading her comment.  My job as an MLO would be a lot harder.  I would have to fill out all those loan forms by hand.  Don't even get me started on how much longer the loan process would be because we would have to go back to transboxing everything instead of uploading everything the way we do now.

Posted by Donne Knudsen, CalState Realty Services (Los Angeles & Ventura Counties in CA) about 8 years ago

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