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The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub - Richmond Kentucky

The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub - Richmond Kentucky 

The Patty Wagon Irish Pub

The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub in Richmond Kentucky is centrally located downtown for business. Back in the day this building was the Rexall drug Store and also O'Reilly's bar. 

Established in 2004 on Water Street...then to Main Street in 2006 for a year a few doors up from the new location. Then it burned to the ground in the middle of the night.  

The famous fire is still one of Richmond Kentucky's unexplained mysteries.

Fire experts scratched their heads in puzzlement as to the cause.

"Hmmmm...It could be this...or could be that." Who really knows? 

All that was saved that fateful night was an Irish clock, 1 sign and a few police patches.

Both owners, Greg Ferrell and Chuck Fields, teach criminal justice at EKU so the patches were a collection of police patches that patrons donated when they visited the bar.

I've been in bars that have unique collections of $1 bills(Tortilla Flat, AZ), neckties(Carefree, AZ) and bras(Key West).

The Patty Wagon Irish Pub  

The idea for the Irish pub came from a trip to Ireland when they toured the Guinness Factory, Dublin and to the north...Belfast. Armed with information and local souvenirs Chuck came up with the décor for the inside of The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub.

The name of the pub has to do with criminal justice. Maybe Irish justice?

Th Paddy Wagon Irish Pub has a plethora of beer and ale for anyone's tastes or mood. The food is great...I had a generous helping of the fish and chips and the service was spot on.

 There is a friendly atmosphere inside and plenty of room to park outside. Sip your beer on an outdoor deck and enjoy a Richmond Kentucky downtown view.

Live band entertainment is on Friday and Saturday. Hours are 11 - 1PM Monday - Friday. Saturdays 12 - 1PM.

The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub

For more information call 859-625-1054

The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub

150 E. Main St.

Richmond, KY 40475    



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*The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub - Richmond Kentucky*

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