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Kentucky Relocation Robins Will Soon Arrive

Every spring, I love to work with Kentucky relocation clients and I also deal with the mommy Robins. Believe me... I'm just waiting for spring to show up right now! The clients are already arriving and we have been out touring homes.

Back at the office...the Robins try to build their nests in the hanging baskets if I put them out too early. Last year I thought I had outsmarted them because I held off on buying the ferns till the first of May.

Kentucky relocation robinsI have a wreath on the front door that one Robin tried to put some twigs in to get it started. Those I threw out and I thought she had given up.

One day I noticed a bird flying off my wreath again but this time when I took a closer look I found a whole nest right at the very top.

As I brought a stool out of the office to get a better look I saw it was too late to tear it down...there were 3 little blue eggs inside.

Now, I was committed to waiting it out. This became a job because everyone opens the front door. I became fearful that the door would open too quickly and the bird would fly into the room.

Finally, this fear beame real when a friend opened the door too fast and mommy Robin was flying around and hitting the ceiling in the living room!!

That had my heart pumping for a few minutes till we could get both doors open and get her to fly out! Whew! This was starting to be another job!

The 3 babies(Larry,Curlie & Moe)were getting their feathers and I patiently waited for them to learn how to fly so I could have some closure.

As you can see they are not afraid of me at all and would even let me touch their beaks. That's cool! is sure exciting here at Lizette Realty where Kentucky relocation is a speciality!

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Kentucky Relocation Robins Will Soon Arrive
Every spring, I love to work with Kentucky relocation clients and I also deal with the mommy Robins. Believe me… I'm just waiting for spring to show up right now! The clients are already arriving and we have been out touring homes. Back at… more
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