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Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow! George Washington's Hair Sells For $17,000!

George WashingtonGoing once...Going twice...SOLD!

Sold for $17,000!

Yes, folks that's four hairs at $4250 each. Not just any old hair but bonified George Washington hair!

Imagine that you die famous or that after you die, it is determined that you are famous. All that hair you have been cutting off every month that gets swept up in the dustpan by your stylist is unceremoniously dumped into the round file. (That's the trash for those of you that don't know)

I've often wondered since I am an artist whether all my fabulous art will be discovered after I have expired and suddenly I am famous. Just like Van Gogh. He sold 2 paintings in his his brother.

Back to my story...

Last Friday night, at an auction in Lexington, KY, a Richmond buyer bought the strands of hair pressed under glass in a locket of the famous president. Along with a watch and assurances that is was indeed the REAL thing from The Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

I wonder if my beautician will think I am nuts if I start saving all that excess hair that she cuts off my head. There's always something to think about. I could keep all of it in the lockbox bank vault. Wouldn't that be quite a moment when my heirs go in to see if old Lizette had left them some cash and all they find is a big pile of hair! That would be too funny! Hmmmm...I need to get started on this!


Lizette Fitzpatrick - Baby Boomer Real Estate Relocation Specialist with Prudential Don Foster in Richmond, Kentucky.

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Comment balloon 8 commentsLizette Fitzpatrick • February 24 2008 08:59AM
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