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The tiniest initial toe-hold can accomplish great things----without dynamite!

I admit I do like to have my way. At least most of the time it happens if it is supposed to. Maybe a steady progress is the best way to get what you want. I love this story below by Charles Buel.

Most people explode through life.

This is the approach of the volcano, mud slide and tsunami.

While that is one way to do it, there is also the approach where the “slow way goes.”  This is the approach where the wind and the rain gradually wear the rock down into sand to where it can easily be washed away.

I am not sure that there is a right way or a wrong way except in relation to what is necessary for what one is attempting to accomplish. 

If one is attempting to blow up a bridge because the enemy is fast approaching, and sure to overrun the forces of “good,” then perhaps dynamite is the appropriate choice.  If on the other hand that is not the case, and destroying the bridge would result in months of starvation because food could not be delivered----perhaps a slower approach might be advantageous.

The wisest of men and women know how to tell the difference.  I know I don’t and haven’t always known the difference.  Sometimes running ahead full speed only gets us to the end and we can’t go back and enjoy the trip.  We have missed all that was to be seen and experienced along the way because the goal was seen as more important than the journey.

Patience and time is all it takes

When we look at the time it took this tree to move and split this great rock the way it has, we cannot help but marvel at the shared journey the two have surely had. 

Dynamite, while spectacular for a moment, could not possibly have resulted in the same tales to tell that the rock and the tree would have----its story would have been quite different.  As the rock split, wider and wider, water turning to ice would have assisted in the project----making it easier for the tree to perform its task

How goes your battle with the rock?

Do you have patience----or prefer dynamite?



Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector



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