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The St. James Court Art Show Was One HOT Festival!

 Let me tell you that it was HOT here last weekend!

This is my third year for traveling on down to the St. James Court Art Show. I took my Mom with me and with map in hand we figured out what end of the festival we wanted to start in.

After circling around a bit I located a place to park for $10 in an alley close to 4th Street. After driving around awhile I was willing to pay the guy $20! The place was packed and if you want a good parking place you will need to pay a few bucks for it!

Suddenly, the ice cold air conditioning in my car was something I yearned for all day! It was HOTas blue blazes about there. We walked for miles between wonderful art, delicious smelling food, musicians, crafts and jewelry treasures. Did I tell you it was HOT? Just like we were in New Orleans on a steamy day!  If I stood too long in one spot I was sure my sandals were gonna be glued to to the pavement.

I looked over at my Mom (She's 76) and she was having a meltdown too! Why in the world is it in the 90's in Kentucky, in October? Does this have something to do with global warming? I kept asking her if she was OK because I knew I was dying! LOL

This was on St. James Ct. where the fountain was. Can you imagine painting a huge house pink?

I loved these dapple grey horses that the police rode. Everyone wanted to pet them.

The real estate was art candy for the eyes!

Well....we had a great time and enjoyed lots of food and plenty water. It sure felt great to get back into the car!


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The St. James Court Art Show Was One HOT Festival!
Let me tell you that it was HOT here last weekend! This is my third year for traveling on down to the St. James Court Art Show. I took my Mom with me and with map in hand we figured out what end of the festival we wanted to start in. … more
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